Taking A Trip To San Antonio

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San Antonio, Texas was a place that I had heard many good things about and decided that I was going to pay a visit to the area. My children and I were planning a vacation for the upcoming summer months and since I wanted to visit the city, we decided that was where we would go. Not only did I want to visit San Antonio, but there was a conference there that I wanted to attend so I had more than one reason for wanting to go.

I knew that I wanted to make the most of our time in the city so I started planning our trip way before we arrived. I knew that we wanted to do the major things, like visit the Alamo and spend some time on the River Walk, but I also wanted to learn more about the area and find out what else my children and I would enjoy. In my research, I found some more things that I knew my children and I would love to do. There were many restaurants I made a note of because they looked delicious. Since we were a military family, I wanted to visit a few of the facilities in the area.

After I did my research and started an itinerary, I needed to talk to my kids about what they wanted to do in San Antonio. One of them mentioned Sea World so I added that to our list of things that we would try to enjoy while in the area. My oldest child was a bit of a history buff so he asked to explore some of the historical landmarks in the city, and there were plenty.

I was getting more and more excited about our upcoming trip the more I did my research and talked with my kids. I knew that our time would be amazing, even if I did have to work for a couple of days while we were there. I loved planning our trips like this and thank goodness my kids liked following an itinerary. No matter where we traveled, we always tried to get the most out of our time there by doing our research before going and creating a plan based on the things in the area we wanted to do. Our trips were always great and I knew this one would be, too.